DUI Attorneys in Burlington, Graham, Mebane & the Greater Alamance County

Being arrested and convicted of DUI — driving under the influence — in North Carolina is a serious criminal offense. Even at the lowest level of punishment, a North Carolina DUI conviction can mean time in jail, expensive fines and court costs, as well as a loss of driving privileges for a year.
Once convicted, your DUI will cause your auto insurance to increase and can impact your current or future employment for years to come.
It is a mistake to plead guilty to a DUI arrest and attempting to handle a Burlington DUI ticket will be a costly mistake.

About Our Burlington DUI Attorneys

The legal team at Doby Ray Law have the knowledge and experience needed to develop a strong legal defense that will take into account every aspect of your case and the evidence being used to prosecute you. Saving you time, money and possible imprisonment.

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