Traffic Tickets


Traffic Tickets in Burlington, Graham, Mebane & the Greater Alamance County

Speeding tickets, careless and reckless driving, and similar offenses are considered moving violations and once convicted will result in points on both your drivers license and insurance. North Carolina provides several forms of statutory relief and are enforce differently in all counties, including Alamance.
Normally drivers will just pay the cost of the citation as soon as they are financially able or will go to court and plead guilty or take whatever reductio the DA is willing to provide. Most times, the reduction is minimal if any and defendant leaves paying the ticket cost as well as court costs associated with appearing in court. Rarely does this work out in the defendants favor.

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The attorney’s at Doby Ray Law are some of the most skilled attorney’s in Alamance County and can provide you with the legal strategy you need to help get your ticket reduced and may even be able to have the traffic ticket dismissed.

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